Toyota Express Maintenance

Your time is valuable. So when your Toyota or Scion needs factory-scheduled maintenance or minor repairs, don't let it slow you down. Toyota Express Maintenance offers everything you need to keep you moving. All from the one place you trust to do it right: Sunrise Toyota North.

If you live or work in the Middle Island area you can rest assured that servicing your vehicle at Sunrise Toyota North will allow you to quickly hit the road with confidence. Contact us today to schedule your next Toyota or Scion maintenance service visit. We have the right price, provide the right quality, and can do it right now!

Our Toyota-trained technicians are deployed in a "pit crew" approach, to ensure your vehicle receives rapid and accurate service. Toyota Express Maintenance services includes the following. Schedule service today!
Why is servicing your vehicle important?
To maintain the highest level of performance, safety, and reliability, it's crucial that you get your Toyota serviced on a regular basis. In addition to the scheduled maintenance, your vehicle requires ongoing general care like fluid checks, tire rotations, and a visual inspection.  It can also increase the resale value for down the road!

Oil Filter Change

The most vital fluid in your car in the engine oil. It reduces friction between moving parts and helps regulate the vehicle’s temperature so it doesn’t over heat. Our techs will check to see if you’re in need of a fluid change, in which case the old oil will be drained, refilled, and your filter will be replaced with a Genuine Toyota filter.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Genuine Toyota Motor Oil 0W-20 is formulate for Toyota models specifically. With it you’ll receive better fuel economy, thanks to a more efficient engine. It is also easier on the wallet and our environment. Why? Because for many consumers, synthetic oil extends the drain intervals which means less waste and a lower cost of ownership.

Brake Inspection

If there is any system in your car you want to work, it’s your brakes. The functionality and longevity of the systems really comes down to routine maintenance and care. When we perform a multi-point inspection we’ll make sure the brakes are looked over to ensure the brake pads are at a safe thickness for stopping.

Tire Rotation

Want to have a vehicle that handle’s properly when driving? Then you’ll want to make sure the tires are rotated on a regular basis. This helps with comfort, performance, and even fuel efficiency. Manufacturers recommend a rotation every 5,000 miles and at our service center we’ll rotate them and check their inflation. This will also help your tires wear evenly.

Fluids Inspected & Replenished

It’s important to use the correct fluid in your vehicle. During the multipoint inspection we’ll check and replenish the following: coolant, brake, power steering, windshield washer, and transmission.

Multi-point Vehicle Inspection

During this stage of care we’ll check the fluids and also perform a visual inspection of all the vehicle’s major systems.